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We are now accepting new clients with a weight restriction of 30lbs (fully grown), and free from any behavior issues, serious health concerns. (Updated on December,2023) 

                                  Doodles, curly haired breed will be charged per hourly rate of $85. 


        We require a non refundable deposit of $50 per pet for new clients in order to confirm the appointment.

                                                   ( Deposit will be collected after the initial contact.)  



1. We require a Rabies Vaccination record BEFORE the first visit. We are not able to provide ANY services without proof of the Rabies Vaccine. Exemptions only apply to dogs with medical issues with a note signed off by a veterinarian. 

2. Full grooming sessions take about 2 to 2 1/2 hours for most small to medium sized dogs and 3+ hours for larger breeds.  

3. If your dog requires special handling, please consult with us to find the best options and times for your dog.

4. We recommend scheduling your dog for our first morning appointment (8 am) if your pet is a senior, a puppy, or has a temperamental matter such as nervousness, anxiousness, separation anxiety or just overly excited. Morning appointments are completed without delay and because there will be fewer dogs in the shop, the environment is less stressful for your pup! (Currently not accepting a client with behavior problems such as aggression and excessive barking.)

5. Our grooming service is by appointment only, and we only take a certain number of dogs to ensure quality. We expect drop off for all scheduled appointments to be on time! We will also notify the owner for pick up when all services are complete via text message or call. Please pick up within an hour of notification. Extra charges apply after 1 hour (let us know if you are unable to pick up the dog on time within reason). 


6. Please disclose all information about your dog's behavior and their likes/dislikes to provide a safe and comfortable custom grooming session for your dog. 

7. Last minute cancellation is considered as "less than 24 hours prior to arranged appointment time." and the fee is require to prepay prior rescheduling. 

Late arrival is considered as more than 15 minutes delay and will require to reschedule with fee of $30, or will have an option for a service that will require lesser time than scheduled session. Frequent late arrival (more than 3 times) will be treated as no show. 

8. No show is considered as "not showing on the arranged appointment time without prior notification direct to us", no show fee is a full amount of the scheduled session and will require to prepay in order to reschedule. 

If more than 2 no shows, we will no longer provide the service. 

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